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Computer Vision and Machine Learning

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The Path to SelecSLS Net

A peek into how SelecSLS (Selective Short and Long Range Skip) Convolutional Neural Network architecture came to be. The architecture is fast, accurate, memory efficient, and prunable, and has a Pytorch implementation available.

Instance Embedding for Proposal Free Object Detection

Summary of some ideas from current literature on proposal free object detection via instance embedding.

Dynamic Routing in NNs and Related Ideas

Summarization of some ideas on dynamic routing and related approaches from literature.

Linking Regularization and Learning Rate For Better Generalization in NNs

Summary of some experiments concerning increasing the explicit regularization as the learning rate is decreased in the hopes of achieving better generalization performance.

Reducing MobileNetV2 Parameter Count by 30%

Some ideas on reducing the number of parameters in MobilenetV2 by replacing 1x1 expansion convolution with replication with minimal loss of accuracy.